Krill & Belachan Hook-Baits Paste

Very attractive, 100% natural raw material hook and bait paste. It does not contain artificial colour and synthetic flavouring material. The basic ingredients of this material are two type of Betain, amino acid and protein rich KOI CARP pellet meals. The typical smell and taste of this paste is given by the Belachan paste, Antarctic krill meal, Betain HCI, Liquid Fish, and some other 100% pure liquid attractors. If you put this paste on the boilie, pellet or on the hook itself you can get a few hours attractive cloud around your bait. Thanks to the attractors, very impressive natural taste and fragrance dissolving out form this product which causes a string eating instinct for carps. This is a real carp magnet!

Keep it in cool environment.

Price: 5,78 €

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