Spicy / Fishmeal Base Mix

This fantastic base mix is really spicy. It’s known that carp can’t resist spicy baits. In low fish intensity periods you can reach lot of baits with this product. The original Haith's Robin Red (100g/kg), the shrimp meat powder, chilli, garlic powder, a special secret spice mix, liver powder and the pre-digested fishmeal gives a unique taste and smell to you bait. Mixture of three kind of fishmeal, a bit of bird food, some B-10 Complex has magnetic effect on carps. From spring to late fall it can be a very effective if you put fish-spicy flavours.
Main ingredients: Haith's -Robin Red- (100g/kg!), Shrimp meal, PTX, Liver Powder, L.T. 94 fish meal, Pre-Digested Fish meal, Sardine/Anchovy Fish meal, Chilli powder, egg albumen, yeast...
Price: 9,27 €

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