Squid Effect Base Mix

Squid Effect Base Mix

The renewed Squid Effect base mix is a heavily liver - fishy, true big fish mix that has a very appealing effect on carp. The combination of attractants mixed with the ingredients, 100% pure Squid Extract, Beef Liver Powder and, from the beginning of 2017, the “carp - magnet”, Carp Appetite Extract, ensures that large carp are easy to accept and constantly search for bait made from the mix! The strong smell and taste of squid flour, tuna flour and Pre - Digested fishmeal make the bait taste and smell even more irresistible. The added digestive aid, tiger nut flour and B-10 Complex, etc. they help carp get the extra energy they need in warm water and digest animal proteins!

Main Ingredients: Squid Extract, Squid Meal, Beef Liver Powder, Carp Appetite Extract, Blood Meal, Pre-Digested Fish Meal, Tuna Fish Meal, Soya Flour, Tigrernuts Meal, Egg Albumin ...

Price: 9,27 €

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