Frozen Boilie 1kg - 24mm

The S-Carp Product Fresh frozen boilie is produced to the anglers who find important to keep the bait in perfect conditions and quality during the whole fishing tour. To protect the nutritious value and freshness of finest quality raw materials and attractors, after the steaming method we dry the baits in 48 hours and in the best moisture content we deep-freezing them below -20°C. With this process we can avoid the visible degradations or the slow rancidity and mildew inside bait ball. In case of deep-frozen boilies it’s not necessary to use preservatives so the natural smell and taste is guaranteed.
Keep it in the freezer around -20°C at home. During you fishing tour keep it in a boilie drying net and put it in the shadow to avoid the too quick drying and acidification of the bait balls.
Price: 11,10 €

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