Chick Peas

The chick peas can be used very successfully together with boilies, pellets or other small seeds but you can put it also on the hair rig as hook bait. Carps can’t resist to the slightly sweet and nut taste of this natural feeding material. You can be very effective with it if grass carps are in your focus.
Suggestion: Fill half a pressure-cooker with dry chick peas and add some cold water to it. Cover the pot and let it in the water for 1 night. Then cook it 15 minutes after it starts to boil. With the using of a pressure-cooker the materials will keep the natural smell and taste. If you want to flavour the seeds, right after the cooking, put some molasses or Minamino into the water and let it for a night again to soak the attractors. 
Price: 4,85 €

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