Cooked Tigernut - Mix

You can use this product as hook bait or as feeding material immediately after the opening of the bottle. You can find different size of cooked tigernut inside the packaging. This incredibly sweet and crunchy food is one of the favourite natural materials for carps and grass carps around Europe. The added sweetener concentrate makes this product more attractive for carps. Thanks to the special cooking process we can preserve the high quality and the incredible attractivity of the tigernut seeds. If you can find a lot of small catfishes in the water you can use it successfully because these fishes will hold the bait off. Ingredients: 25% mini, 25% XL, 50% normal tigernut water and sweetener.

One bottle is 2.5 Litre

After opening keep it in cool environment and use up within a few days.

Price: 10,76 €

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