Tigernuts - Mini

This incredibly sweet and crunchy food is one of the favourite natural materials for carps and grass carps around Europe. This is one of the most appreciated feeding materials for carp angels and the usage of this, is very useful in case of waters full of small catfishes.
Selected: seed size is approx. 6-8mm
Suggestion: Put 200-300g/kg sugar or 1-2g/kg Sweetener to the tigernut and cover it with water. Let it suck the sweet water about 24 hours and then cook it at least 20-30 minutes. 2-3 days after the cooking a gelatinous material is formed around the seeds. This gel is very attractive for carps and this makes it irresistible for fishes. Very good carp or grass carp feed.
Price: 4,28 €

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